Tuesday, July 17, 2007

Foreskin Restoration

The Houston Press has an interesting article regarding foreskin restoration. I also feel violated by the circumcision performed on me in the first hours of my life. This act is quite possibly the root of why I renounced the faith I was raised in. It shows how mechanical and unchanging institutional thought can be. When there is no evidence that forskin removal provides a benefit, why remove it? If you are having a child soon. I seriously implore you to do some research about circumcision first. There is a lot of propaganda out there and that may cause you to dismiss the notion, but what else can you expect when a topic is against a Judeo-Christian ideal. doctors and physicians need to stop ignoring this topic.

In another topic about male health, doctors need to stop ignoring alternative birth control methods for men. Many men don't want to expect their partners to remember to take a pill every day. Many women are adversely affected by current birth control. Why are sex topics regulated to "male responsibility only" or "female responsibility only"? Get Serious People